Smart Phone of the Future – A Wish List

Looking at the sleek, shiny blackberry in my wife’s hand, I could not resist asking to have a look-see at what my son had so lovingly sent to her as a birthday gift from the USA. She had been apparently using (and flaunting) it for over a month now and I was really intrigued how she would be using the hi-tech feature rich gizmo ever since I had heard of the acquisition.

As it turned out a few minutes later, she had been using it precisely for receiving calls and listening to music. That’s it!

After some deliberation and weighing out the threat, I managed to muster up enough courage to ask her about making use of other features to which she sweetly replied that she does not want to use it for anything more than what she was doing.

I started to mention something about its stupendous features like the enterprise update, a plethora of facilities like the keyboard shortcuts, the thumb-wheel, escape button, etc she pretended I was talking to someone else!

This got me thinking. If the smart phones were to function like the basic phones, why have so many features in them? Maybe, the manufacturers would like to come up with something like exact replicas of smart phones with nothing but the basic features.

That was on the lighter side.

I could not but help admiring the power pack that these modern gadgets have become. We have a large verity of smart phones to choose from. Having seen the various features, I would venture to say that Nokia X6 is my personal favorite with its well integrated mix of features that include touch screen, a 32 GB Internal Memory, dual LED flash 5 MP camera, ARM 11 434 MHz processor, etc, etc.

But then almost all smart phones come with similar features, give or take a few add-ons and apps. Most function like a mini computer in our pockets. So where are we heading now?

Smart Phone of the Future

For a person on the move, as well as for anyone who functions out of the classic “office”, the smart phone of the future will have to reach out much beyond features like increased capacity of gaming, camera, music, memory etc. There have to be more features that are useful to a professional who would like to carry an all-in-one gadget that has the following features-

Voice Commands – There has to be a better quality voice convert software or apps that make touch screen or using a keyboard, mouse etc redundant. This would make the smart phone of the future write or listen to your emails or give dictations while on the move and also connect for you on voice recognition.
Scanner Functionality – What do you do if you find something that you are interested in scanning? The camera lens should double up as a scanner or should be able to take a clear picture of an A4 size paper typed on font of size 12.
Project Screen – How would it look if you were capable of projecting a picture or real time screen shot on the nearest wall? This would give a fillip to the quad band usage and video conferring.
Satellite Based Connectivity – Although AT&T and some other phone manufacturers are already working on it, on the smart phone of the future you would be able to make or receive calls from anywhere on earth! lenovo tb x505x

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